Sky Nerd’s Dream Calendar

I’ve ordered this “Nights on Earth” calendar the past two years for our sky-watching family and wanted to share it with you. I paid full price and did not receive any discount or bonus for sharing, I just love to pass along things we find especially useful! We literally plan multiple family activities around sky-viewing opportunities, and this calendar makes it super easy to do so. The first year, I ordered off of Amazon, but last year I ordered straight from the photographer’s website. I’ve also emailed back and forth with the photographer and he’s personable and wonderful and just trying to share the glorious “Nights On Earth” he gets to witness. Great opportunity to support good work. Here’s a link where you can view the entire 2022 calendar. 

Here’s a link to his photography homepage. 

Here’s the description from Phil’s website.

Nights on Earth 2022 is a 12-month calendar and stargazer’s guide to the night sky, from astro-landscape photographer Phil Mosby. As much an Almanac as it is a traditional wall calendar, Nights on Earth contains a plethora of interesting space and astronomy-related facts and data points accompanied by 13 awe-inspiring Nightscape photos from Mosby’s collection. Meticulously researched and gorgeously printed on heavy paper stock, Nights on Earth is a unique, interesting, and functional gift for any space, science, nature, or photography lover!

Sorry, the 2022 calendar is sold out. Please check back again next year!

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